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Our PGA Professional

Our PGA professional, Ryan Hagerman, is happy to tailor your golf instruction to target areas of your game that you feel need improvement, or to instruct any level from beginner to a refresher course for seasoned golfers. The Dunes offers individual instruction from 30 minutes to 1 hour and lessons on the course.  Group instruction or clinics are available for, Juniors, Beginners, Full Swing, Short Game and Ladies.  

The Dunes is pleased to announce the addition of our new 1st Assistant Golf Professional, Mike Abbenante who is also available for private and group instruction.


Three Key Pre-Swing Fundamentals
From Ryan Hagerman, PGA

I like to keep golf simple. Get a routine and stick with it. This easy pre-shot routine has always served me well. It encompasses everything PGA Professionals like me stand for, literally. Here is a simple technique to try the next time you are here at The Dunes hitting practice balls:

Posture: Stand tall and athletic like you are about to guard someone in basketball. Bend at the hips so that your sternum goes down and your seat goes out until your arms hang naturally. Unlock your knees and you are ready for the next step.

Grip: Put your right index finger into the palm of your left hand and wrap the fingers of your left hand around it. Try to pull the finger out. Comes right out, doesn't it? Now, put your right index finger into the fingers of your left hand and wrap the fingers of your left hand around it. Try to pull your finger out now. You will pull your finger out of the socket before that finger will come out. Tells us that our fingers are strong and our palms are very weak. Let's get the grip on your club into the fingers of both hands.

Alignment: Set a club on the ground aimed at where you want your ball to go. Take a second club and put it parallel to the first club about 1 foot apart. Pick up the first club and you have an aiming club. Align your clubface, feet, knees, hips and shoulders at 90 degree angles to the aiming club and you are now aimed at your target. Now you can judge you practice shots and analyze the errors. If the ball goes left it is probably the clubface is closed at impact or the path of the club is outside to inside. If the ball goes right of target the face is either open at impact or the path of the club was outside to inside.

With just a little practice, this technique will have you in control of your golf ball and playing like the pros in no time!